Dear Friends in the Circle:

By Larch On November 1st, 2001

There is so much fear and insecurity in this world right now. I have no idea what we will have experienced by the time you receive this newsletter, but there are some things I can write that will probably be helpful in any situation:

First of all, 90% of human immunity to illness is called “non-specific immunity”, and that simply means that we carry a salty ocean bloodstream inside ourselves that literally dehydrates most of the critters (bacteria and cellular organisms) that try to crawl into us. If you supply your body with adequate minerals for its internal ocean bloodstream, you will have more energy for coping with stress, however it comes. For that reason, I have decided to offer the blend of chopped seaweeds once again, the “Survival Pack/Soup Mix”. If you don’t have a lot of time to cook, at least get the Survival Pack, and keep a pot of soup going on the stove, using seaweed as part of the soup stock.

My second suggestion: In case there is a nuclear bomb terrorist attack, it would be good to have a food supply of brown seaweeds on hand because the sodium alginate in the brown seaweeds is capable of binding with many radioactive isotopes and heavy metals in the digestive tract, thus enabling the body to excrete them. Laminaria digitata has the most sodium alginate, followed by laminaria longicruris, and alaria esculenta. If you order the Family Pack, it includes two pounds of brown seaweeds as well as nori and dulse.

My third suggestion: This comes from my experience working on the water, in the water, and under the water. When I consciously breathe or hold my breath, I am totally in the moment, and there is no past memory of hurt, no future thought or worry. I am just in the moment, and that is a very healing way to operate in the world, especially during stressful times. So please just pay attention to your breath in the moment, and if you are feeling angry about the world situation, here is a breath exercise that can help you deal with anger so that you don’t hurt yourself, and so that you don’t separate yourself from Spirit and the Light which is always available:

While taking a deep breath, raise your arms high over your head. When you think you have taken a deep breath, take in even a little more, and a little more, and a little more, and hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, and then exhale, dropping your arms, until you are empty, and then continue to blow out your breath in three more puffs, until you are even emptier. Now come back to center and take a couple of normal breaths. Then repeat the cycle again and then a third time. After doing this exercise three times, you will find that it is very difficult to sustain anger or worry. I usually come out of the exercise chuckling or smiling.

My fourth suggestion is that we all need to start thinking about long-term solutions to the problem of terrorism:

A. We need to ask our leaders to actively support the development of alternative sources of energy so that we are not dependent on other countries for oil. Many of our political problems in the world would be lessened if we conserved oil and developed alternative sources of energy.

B. Every time we drop bombs on human beings, we create a certain percentage of terrorists, that is, human beings who become so angry because of the suffering that they witness as a result of our actions that they become terrorists. The long-term solution is this: Every time we generate income, a portion of that income has to be designated for establishing security for all children in the world. In our country, progressive businesspeople and corporations have recognized the need for childcare for the children of their employees. Now we have to extend that awareness to all the children in the world. Since corporations are globalizing their businesses, they also need to globalize their concerns for the safety and well-being of all children in the world. Nothing else will truly solve the problem of terrorism. A terrified child can grow up and become a terrorist if adults fail to show concern about that child’s experience of violence and terror. We need to stop the bombing right now. The oil agenda for a pipeline through Afghanistan from the Caspian Basin is driving this bombing campaign as much as “the war on terrorism”. Think long term: bombing creates another generation of terrorists.

I want to thank this year’s crew: Matt and Raivo, you grew the business this year. You are the pioneers in a new bay, a new territory. Thank you and good luck on next year’s explorations. Scott, you grew into the crew leader, and I’m proud of you. Joanne, your cooking and nurturance toward the crew and the children helped me to see that it would be possible to extend your role to year ’round childcare for four orphans. Nici, I’m proud of how you learned to handle boats in the surf. You’re becoming a very vital woman. Billy, we couldn’t have kept the fires going and maintained the shipping schedule without your patient attention to the details of wood chores and packaging. Kelly, this fall I’m eating the garden that you helped to plant, weed, and water….and I’m feeling rested and refreshed. Luc, the woodwork you built is so beautiful. Thank you. Charles and Jay and David, thank you for fulfilling the fertilizer requirements. You all played so well together. I’m so very proud of you. Leslie, thank you for introducing me to gingko, black walnut hull, and horsetail extracts. Candace, I wish you well in your new endeavours, teaching English as a second language to the Mexican community in Maine. Thank you for all your patient support and encouragement.

Rest in the Light, abide in the Heart.

If you still have seaweed left over from last year, don’t despair. It will keep for more than two years, if your storage is cool, dry and dark. However, why not share with a friend, and renew your supply? If we let go of energy, more can come. Now is a good time to introduce someone you know to seaweeds. I need to maintain a thousand friends in the circle in order to sustain my life’s work. If you can help me find new customers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your support. Your cards and prayers sustain me in the work.