By Larch On June 29th, 2013

This past week during the full moon tides, alaria has been uncovered, and it’s in prime condition.  Dulse is also coming on.  Dawn and I scrabbled all over these rocks and down into the surf-filled crevices in order to find the darkest red dulse (it needs shade in order to develop deep colors), and I discovered some alaria in the surf that dried very black.  Pigments = minerals!  Good health to you!

Dawn and I decided to pick dulse as close to the open surf as possible.  This is where the most vital plants are found.

Dawn is fearless when it comes to working in tight places while the surf flows in and out.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch…..

Notice the kelp in the deeper water below.

That’s alaria with the yellow midrib growing in the zone just below the dulse.

Scrabbling for a living?  Well, sometimes.  It’s a bit like rock climbing on slippery rocks, and if you’re lucky, you fall in the water when you slip.

See why nori is considered to be labor intensive?  Plants are small, few and far between!

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade this work and my “office” for anything!

6 Responses to “Dulse”

  1. These pictures are beautiful. I feel healthier just for viewing them. Thank you for the post. Is there a list to subscribe to updates?

    All good things to you & yours from NYC

  2. If you email me at hanson.larch@gmail.com you will be on my list for Contact letters.

  3. Adore dulse & need to see a pricelist. Thank you! Patricia

  4. Price list available at http://www.theseaweedman.com

  5. Hi Larch! I’m wondering what agencies I should visit with in order to determine how to negotiate the government systems for setting up a sea vegetable harvesting company in SE Alaska. I imagine you had to research this for your business and would love to hear any suggestions you may have regarding this.

    Thanks. You have an amazing “work life”

  6. Neil, in Maine I get a license from the Department of Marine Resources and occasionally I’m visited by an inspector from FDA.